Napoleons Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring up For Auction

The stunning Diamond and Sapphire engagement ring Napoleon Bonaparte gave to his beloved wife Josephine is up for auction this week in Paris – and is expected to fetch up to £13,000! Napoleon diamond and sapphire engagement ring Although Napoleon was considered a fearsome French ruler, this beautiful ring shows he had a soft side. The ring features a pear shapes diamond and pear shaped Sapphire claw set next to each other in traditional yellow gold. We love the unique style of this historic ring and how the stones are beautifully held in eight small prongs.

The Rings History..

At the time when Napoleon gave this ring to Josephine in 1796, he was just a 26-year old revolutionary solider with little money. The couple married just two weeks after Napoleons proposal on March 9, 1796. Two days after the wedding, Napoleon lead the invasion of Italy by the French army and took charge of the government in a coup in 1799. Just five years later in 1805 he was declared ‘Emperor of the French’. In 1810 the couple agreed to divorce, as Josephine was unable to give Napoleon a child and the heir he needed. But it was clear their love was forever. This ring is a simple of their love and a vast history of the French revolution, which a lucky bidder will be the new owner of.