Diamond Coated Dress Featuring the World’s Rarest and Most Expensive Red Diamond

We love hearing about diamonds being used in fashion – but this diamond coated dress takes things to a whole new level. The creative behind this dress is Debbie Wingham, a British designer who has previously designed dresses set with diamonds, but nothing to this scale. diamond encrusted dress design The dress features 2000 diamonds and is even encrusted with the world’s rarest and most expensive red diamond. But if you fancy a dress covered in all these diamonds it will cost you £11.7m. The rare red diamond is set at the centre of the dress and has a value of £4.89m. Every hundred million diamond has a natural red colour and found on average every 50 years.

rare red diamond

The rare red diamond

The style is an abaya design inspired by Islamic culture where women wear loose, robe like over garments. As well as the rare red diamond the dress is set with fifty 2ct flawless white diamonds, 1899 pointer diamonds, fifty 2ct black diamonds and an array of smaller white diamonds all individually set in platinum. The dresses 200,000 stitches are all skilfully hand done in 14ct white gold thread – adding even more value to this incredible design. The dress is set to go on sale this week, and will be kept in a penthouse room for private viewings and consultations at the luxury Raffles Hotel in Dubi – the designer’s favourite place.