All About Diamond Colour Grades

In today’s post we’re looking at diamond colour and how certain grades effect quality and brilliance. diamond stud earrings When a diamond is given a colour graded, its graded highest by the lack of colour and the whiteness of the stone. According to the GIA colour scale grades go from D to Z. As D is graded the highest and most colourless its costly and very sought after. At Steven Stone We only sell diamonds for engagement rings, pendants, earrings and other jewels with colour grades between D to J.

Diamond Colour Grade Chart

diamond-colour-diagram 1. Colour D – the highest of the grades where the stone is completely colourless. This grade is rare and boasts the highest price tag. 2. Colour E – Very little different between colour D and Colour E – only visible to expert gemmologists. 3. Colour F – only very, slightly different to colour E, however F grade is the lowest of the premium colours making it more affordable. 4. Colour G – nearly colourless only noticeable when compared to grades D and E. This grade offers excellent value for money. 5. Colour H – often considered the middle grade between colourless and slightly tinted diamonds. The diamond is near colourless and a more affordable option. 6. Colour J – Very slightly tinted perfect if you’re looking to maximise your budget. To learn more about diamonds check out out Diamond Education Guide.