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6 Types of Engagement Rings From Steven Stone

In today’s post we want to give you a basic insight into the types of engagement rings at Steven Stone. To make it easy we’ve narrowed down our online selection into six different styles.

1. Simple Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

solitaire diamond engagement ring This is one of the most popular and classic type of setting for a diamond ring. The style is basically a single diamond held in either a claw or rub over precious metal setting.

2. Three Stone Diamond Rings

three stone diamond engagement ring Three diamonds set in a row, with either the same size stones or with the centre diamond slightly larger. As well as its beauty the three stone ring has significant meaning in a relationship. The three diamonds represent the past, present and future of a relationship.

3. Diamond Set Shoulder Engagement ring Settings

diamond set shoulder engagement ring Diamond shoulder set engagement rings are similar to solitaire rings. Basically diamonds are set on the shoulders of the band. The diamonds on the shoulders can either be pavé, channel or cut down set.

4. Halo Diamond Ring Setting

halo diamond engagement ring The halo diamond setting features a frame of pavé or micropavé set diamonds around the centre diamond and usually set on the shoulders of the band. If you or your partner like the vintage look, this style is perfect.

5. Coloured Stone Diamond Rings

coloured stone enhahement ring setting This ring style is set with a diamond as well a striking coloured stone. The most popular coloured stones used for engagement rings are Sapphires, Rubies, Yellow Diamonds and Emeralds.

6. Side Diamond Engagement Rings

side stone engagement ring setting This style is very similar to three stone diamond engagement rings. The centre diamond is flanked by two smaller side stones. The most popular diamond for side stones are pear-shaped and round brilliant cut diamonds.

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