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Celebrities With Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

The Pear-shaped diamond has always been a popular choice for engagement rings that can look both modern and classic. The stone has been described as an eye catching, modified version of the round brilliant cut diamond. The shape and cut of the diamond resemble a cross between a marquise and round brilliant cut diamond resulting in a diamond that has brilliance and fire. The shape is like a tear drop with a pointed edge. Its ability to make short fingers appear longer and slimmer also add to the popularity of the diamond. Here’s two of our favourite celebs with pear-shaped diamond set on their engagement rings.

Katherine Heigl Pear Shape

Katherine’s husband Josh Kelly proposed with this stunning 3-carat pears-shaped diamond set on a diamond band and surrounded by a halo of pavé diamonds. katherine heigl pear shaped diamond engagement ring engagement ring

Jessica Simpson Huge Pear Cut Diamond

The engagement ring Jessica Simpson received from ex husband Nick Lachey featured a huge 4 carat pear shaped diamond flanked by two 1ct carat pear shaped diamonds jessica simpsons pear shaped diamond engagement ring

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