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Remodelling a Princess Cut Diamond into a Halo Diamond Pendant Design

It’s always a privilege when we get asked to remount a customer’s diamond or gemstone into a new jewellery design. We were recently set the task of remodelling this stunning princess cut diamond into a vintage inspired diamond halo pendant after a customer found us via our bespoke jewellery service. The enchanting centre diamond has been designed to dangle off the chain on an angle to resemble the shape of a diamond. princess cut diamond halo pendant We crafted both the chain and pendant setting in 18ct white gold, using the lost wax process. This is basically where the design is printed from the computer into a 3D wax model, which is then cast into white gold and finally rhodium coated to get the vibrant white shine. To make best use of the perfect square cut diamond, we decided to use a rub-over setting where the metal is arched around to emphasis the shape. In contrast small round brilliant cut diamond are set around the diamond angled square shape in classic small pavé settings with a matching rim of metal, emphasising the whole shape of the pendant even more. princess cut diamond hallo pendant

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