Remodelling a Stunning Sapphire into a New Diamond Ring Setting

A few weeks ago a customer approached us with a classic 2.00ct step cut, rectangular blue Sapphire they wanted to remodel into a new and fancy bespoke diamond dress ring setting. sapphire and diamond ringg After going through various designs for the style and setting of the ring, the customer wanted to go with a striking vintage look, with lots of smaller diamonds surrounding the Sapphire centre stone. To make the most out of the rectangular shape of the Sapphire which also has cropped corners we decided to create a rub over setting, where the stone is secured with metal arching around it. sapphire and diamond ring2 All the diamonds set around the centre Sapphire and the shoulders of the shank are small round brilliant cut stones, which have all been individually pavé set. We cast the ring in 18ct white gold, which is a perfect white colour against the vibrate blue of the Sapphire. sapphire and diamond ring To create this fine jewellery piece we printed the ring in three parts, so the shank, head and centre setting separately to get the best possible finish for the ring. To achieve a perfect finish it’s all about the polish and rhodium coating of the ring, which is much easier to do when the ring is it three parts. Before we polished and set the stones on the ring we assembled the parts together with a special laser machine. Our goldsmith then set the Sapphire and all the diamonds to finish off this stunning ring. sapphire and diamond ring