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All about Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

In today’s post, we’re going to look at the appeal and beauty of an oval cut diamond engagement ring. oval diamond engagement ring designs The style, cut and shape of an oval diamond makes it one of the most elegant stones for engagement rings. With the dazzle of the round brilliant cut and elongated shape the diamond looks great on a variety of diamond setting designs. The style is a relatively new cut, first developed in the early 1960s by Lazare Kaplan and from the is cut into 56 facets. If you want a modern fiery cut diamond that’s a little different from the traditional round brilliant cut diamond this stone is perfect. The most popular ring setting for the oval cut diamond has to be a simple solitaire where the diamond is set singularly on a gold or platinum band with either claws or in a rub-over/bezel setting. The stone also looks great with diamonds set on the shoulders, around the oval shape and set as a three stone diamond ring.

Tips for Buying Oval Cut Diamonds

If you do opt for an oval cut diamond we always recommend getting the highest cut and colour grade possible to fit your budget. Due to its long shape the diamond can be prone to the “bow-tie effect” where a dark area appears in the centre of the diamond – caused by a leakage of light in part of the diamond. Hence why its important to get a well proportioned diamond to minimise the effect and diffuse the shadow. The minumum grades we reccommend for the diamond shape are; good cut, G colour grade and SI2 clarity grade.

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