Pink Diamonds at Ravenel’s Hong Kong Auctions

This month the Ravenel International Art Group will be holding its fine jewels sale in Hong Kong at the stylish Four Seasons Hotel. The star of sale is set to be a pair of rare fancy intense Argyle pink diamond rings. Pink Diamonds at Ravenel’s Hong Kong Auctions The rings have a pre sale estimate of $410,000 to $540,000. These rings are highly sought after by collectors of fancy rare diamond colours so expected to do really well at auction. The captivating diamonds are a beautiful purplish-pink colour with one weighing 1.20cts and the other weighing 1.21cts. The deep intense pink stones are held in a stunning halo diamond setting with more diamonds set on the shoulders. Pink diamonds like this are probably one of the most concentrated forms of wealth; often a 1.00ct can be worth $1million –a lot more than traditional white diamonds. Pink stones from the Argyle mine are especially rare. The mine is located in the East Kimberley region in Western Australia and is the only known source of pink diamonds which produces 90% of the world’s supply.