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All About Men’s Wedding Rings with Patterns

Adding a pattern to a plain platinum or gold wedding ring has become a popular choice for men’s wedding rings. Patterns aren’t just designs or lines engraved on a band, they can also have different textured finishes or tones of contrasting metals. There are four main steps to selecting the patterned wedding ring you want, which include choosing the metal, weight, width and pattern.


For wedding rings the most popular precious metal types are 950 platinum, 18ct gold and palladium.


Plain wedding rings are available in various weights and thicknesses. The options to choose from are usually light, medium and heavy. Generally, lighter weight rings will be thinner and sit closer to the finger. To get the most out of patterns, textures or tones we recommended a minimum of a medium weight profile.


With patterned wedding rings its always better to opt for a wider band as a narrow width will restrict the space where the pattern is applied. We recommend a minimum width of 4mm for patterned rings.


There are different types of patterens and effects that can be used to create a patterened wedding ring. Patterned – Most patterned wedding rings feature lines or engraved detailing. patterned wedding ring Migraine – a series of raised beads creating a patterned effect. migraine patterned wedding ring Toned – different tones of metal mixed together to create a contrast of tones. toned men’s wedding ring Texture – using different finishes the texture of wedding rings can either have a satin finish, matt finish, hammered finish and even a combination. textured men’s pattern wedding ring

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