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New Custom Made Engagement Ring Featuring Diamonds and Sapphires

We have just finished creating this stunning Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring, set with a striking princess cut diamond in the centre and two beautiful blue, square shaped Sapphires. blue square sapphire and diamond ring Using Sapphires in engagement rings has become a popular alternative to the traditional all diamond engagement ring over the past couple of years. With their striking blue colour and stunning glow, they always look great set against clear white diamonds full of sparkle and brilliance. With this particular style of ring, the two blue gem stones give a gorgeous look, to the simple three stone design. Another great thing about Sapphires is that they are not too expensive, like diamonds, so a quality cut won’t be to heavy on the wallet. blue square sapphire and diamond ring blue square sapphire and diamond ring The setting style of this ring is also a popular option, with its traditional 18ct white gold prong like settings. blue square sapphire and diamond ring

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