All About the Vintage Style Cushion Cut Diamond

Just like its name suggests the cushion cut diamond is very similar to the shape of a cushion or a pillow. Which is basically square or rectangular shaped with rounded corners. Although the diamond cut is not as brilliant as modern round or princess cut diamonds, its large 58 facets allow a great deal of light to pass through. – as you can see in the image below. The cushion cut was developed in the 19th century, and originally known as a ‘Candle Light/Pillow Cut’. The shape and cut has now developed to be more like a cushion. cushion cut diamond

Our Expert Advice

Due to its large facets, the cut may dispense more light than popular brilliant cut diamonds, which is better for hiding inclusions in the stone. The best length to width ration for this shape and cut stone is 1.00 to 1.05 for square shapes and 1.10 for rectangular shapes. Because of its large facets, we always recommend going for the highest possible clarity and colour grade your budget can afford. As a minimum we recommend colour grade G and clarity grade VS2. cushion cut diamond jewellery cushion cut diamond jewellery For engagement rings, pendants and earrings, cushion cut diamonds are perfect and add a vintage touch to the jewellery. The best way to hold a cushion cut diamond is in a classic 4-claw setting, either in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.