Add a Splash of Colour to Your Jewels With Colourful Gem Stones

There seems to be a recent trend in the need for coloured gem stone jewellery. The colours are like a palate of paint with blues, reds, purples, greens and yellows. Our favourite coloured gems that sell the best are Sapphires, Rubies and yellow Diamonds. coloured gem stone rings Sapphires – The deep colour of a blue Sapphire adds instant drama and a feel of royalty to any jewellery piece. Plus the bold colour looks great with other colours. The colour of the blue depends of three factors – hue, saturation and tone. You’ll probably be more aware of hue, which is the colour of the blue. The saturation is the brightness of the blue and tone is the lightness and darkness in the colour. There strong durability, which is second best after diamonds also perfect for everyday wear. colour pendants Rubies – Found in shades of red, the ruby is full of passion, power and romance. Rubies became popular in jewellery as gifts for those celebrating their 15th or 40th wedding anniversary. The most precious rubies are those with a distinctive rich red colour. The largest known ruby in the world weighs 40920cts and is owned by a Chinese jewellery company. Yellow Diamonds – one of the fancy coloured diamonds and often referred to as canary diamonds, yellow diamonds are growing in popularity. Most yellow diamonds come from South African mines and vary in shades from light yellow to intense, vivid yellows, close to a golden colour. With engagement rings, yellow diamonds are usually set with white diamonds either on the shoulders of the ring or in a three stone arrangement. The first yellow diamond was introduced in the 1860s after the colour was discovered in a Kimberly mine in South Africa.