It seems you’ll be surprised to know what women are looking for in their engagement ring these days. Traditions of engagement rings and events leading up to the proposal have changes. woman wearing a diamond engagement ring Men think that women dream of their wedding day, wedding dress, engagement ring and proposal from a young age, however in a recent survey by the Huffington Post, only 19% of single modern day women admitted to thinking about all these things. In the past, without question men had to ask their girlfriend’s father for permission to marry, buy only 39% of women said they would expect their dad’s approval before they were asked. 61% of women also said they would be happy with whatever ring their partner chose – update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = we find this figure a little high) and on the other hand more than three-fourths of men said they would prefer to know if brides to be weren’t 100% happy with the ring. With only 27% of women admitting they would prefer to be asked when their partner could afford the ring they wanted, it seems materialistic views are going out the window. And if all was to fall apart, and the engagement was called off, 76% of women said they would happily give the ring back. And more than half of the men in the survey have said they would expect the engagement ring back from their ex-fiancée.