The Rise in Man-gagement Rings

Times are defiantly changing – with the new rise in the popularity for man-gagement rings. But would you wear one, or but one for your fiancé? man-gagement rings A survey by The Knot and Men’s Health Magazine shows that 17% of men said they would happily wear a man-gagement ring. It’s also been noticed that a number of jewellers, largely in America have seen an increase in engagement rings for men. The style of a man-gagement is more like a platinum or gold wedding ring, either plain, toned, pattern or additionally set with a small diamond. Many engaged women see it as the best way to brand their guy is off the market, especially if they work in a profession with a lot of young women. The average engagement ring lasts around a year, which is also why women want their man to wear a ring on their left finger. Most of the time, couples that go for a male engagement ring, also use it as a wedding ring, once they are married. Even celebrities have taken to the man-gagement ring trend, we recently saw singer Michael Bublé wear a male engagement ring before he married his Argentine wife.