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The 4 Claw Twist Engagement Ring Setting

One of our favourite and popular styles of engagement rings is the 4 claw twist setting.

Solitaire Twist Setting

4 claw twise diamond engagement ring

Diamond Set Shoulder Twist Engagement Ring

4 claw twist engagement ring setting Setting a diamond in claws is a traditional style of securing the stone. The diamond is exposed to more light, so the diamond will have more sparkle. Adding a twist to the setting gives an engagement ring a modern look. The setting and the shoulders of the ring are literally twist together, so that they flow and add flair to the overall design. The twist style also means that whatever the diamond shape is, it’s encircled with precious metal, which enhances its spread. You will also notice that the claws are positions like a compass, and not in their usual square, 4 claw setting, which allows light to pass through different angles of the gem. The two popular diamond shaped to use for this style are round brilliant cut and princess cut diamonds. What’s also great about this style is that you can have your wedding ring specially designed to interlock with the twist of the diamond ring.

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