After doing some browsing on the web, I came across some interesting facts on ‘The Knot’ about brides to be and what they expect when they recieve an engagement ring. marriage propsal According to the survey, 86% of brides to be think the design of their engagement ring is over all one of the most important aspects of the whole marriage proposal experience. Even 37% of women told their guy the exact style of ring they wanted. From the research a few other interesting stats stood out to me, that will defiantly help you guys along with your engagement ring buying journey. When it came to the decision making of the ring 31% said the ring was picked just by the guy and 30.1% said it was a joint decision. When it came to the quality and characteristics of the diamond, 58.5% of brides preferred a higher colour grade, while just a few less at 47.7% said it was all about the size of the diamond. Interestingly 58.3% said the sentimental nature of the ring was important to them, and preferred the ring to be personalised with an engraved message on the inside of the band. The most popular metals for engagement rings are white gold, platinum and rose gold, and the most popular diamond shapes were round, square and cushion. So, if you’re on the quest to find the perfect diamond engagement ring for your beautiful fiancé to be, hopefully theses facts sway your decisions.