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Steven Stone Creates a Modern Diamond Engagement Ring

A few weeks ago we created this stunning solitaire diamond engagement ring for one of our customers. The customer wanted a round brilliant cut diamond set in a modern style ring, so we suggested a rub over setting, where the metal is arched around the stone to secure it in place. solitaire rub over set diamond engagement ring The first job was to source the perfect diamond for the customer that suited their budget. The diamond is just over half a carat in weight at 0.59 points. The colour grade is G, meaning the stone is near colourless. The clarity grade is VS2, which is a great choice for this stone, especially to avoid any signs of visible inclusions. The two grades are both a popular and affordable options for round brilliant cut diamonds that will blissfully display their beauty. solitaire diamond engagement ring diamond solitaire engagement rings The way the setting is design shows off the bottom of the diamond. Not only does this make the ring look contemporary, it also enhances the sparkle of the diamond as light is able to pass through underneath. The shank also splits, creating a bridge, so the diamond is raised above the band, allowing a wedding ring to perfectly fit underneath with no gaps in between. It’s always been a desirable look for brides to be to have their wedding ring fit against the band of their engagement ring – another reason why we love this diamond ring. rub over solitaire diamond engagement ring

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