The Beauty of Amethysts and Diamond Jewels

One of our favourite gem stones at Steven Stone is a beautiful purple amethyst. We love its striking royal purple colour and the fact that it’s the most precious stone within the quartz group. Fine amethysts are even featured in the British Crown Jewels and a favourite jewel of Catherine the Great. When it comes to colour, the deeper the better and more valuable, particularly with flashes of rose. If you want a fine amethyst, its clarity needs to be transparent, so that the light can pass through the stone with no blockage. For the best possible quality of stone it needs to be graded ‘clean’ meaning that it’s free of visible inclusions. The finer stones are usually mined in Brazil, but others come from Canada, India, Mexico, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, USA and Uruguay. The purple colour looks especially elegant when set with diamonds in white, yellow and rose gold. We recently created this stunning diamond and amethyst ring via our bespoke jewellery section. amethyst-bespoke-diamond-ring