Interesting Facts About Diamond Grading Labs

After reading an article in JCK, where the magazine sent 10 diamonds to different world wide grading labs – “Diamond Grading Labs Using Different Standards, Survey Finds” we’re going to share some of the interesting facts with you in today’s post. diamonds We defiantly weren’t surprised with the mixture of grades the labourites gave, some differed by as much as three colour grades. The survey found that American labs like GIA and EGL gave a realistic report of the diamond grades update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = although EGL were a little softer on their grades). However, diamonds sent over to labs in other countries, including EGL Israel and Hong Kong received completely different results. Not supprisingly, some were given colour grades two to three colours higher. The survey’s results show a big difference in diamond grading reports making the industry very venerable to consumers and their confidence in getting the diamond grades they parted with their hard earned cash for. So if you’re planning on buying a diamond for an engagement ring, pendant, pair of earrings or other piece of jewellery, we always recommend, especially with these results, only to purchase diamonds that have been GIA certificated. Learn more about diamond grading and the four characteristics of a diamond here via our Steven Stone Diamond Buying Guide.