Remodelling Two Pair Shaped Diamonds

A couple of weeks ago a customer asked us to remodel two pear shaped diamonds into a new, modern ring design.

bespoke pear shaped diamond engagement ring The two stunning diamonds already belonged to the customer and we added the smaller stones to the shoulders of the ring. The customer worked with our designer to develop the design and style of diamond ring, and to design how the two stones would be set on the ring. Once the design was complete and drawn out on the computer, we printed it into a 3D wax model to cast into 18ct white gold using the lost wax investment casting process. bespoke pear shaped diamond engagement ring As you can see the diamonds are set in a slightly quirky style where the stones cross over each as the diamond set shoulder meet at the top of the ring. To allow maximum light to the stones, we set them in claws, so light can pass through all three sides, which also gives them vibrant brilliance and fire. The small round brilliant cut diamonds are pavĂ© set on the band, in between small beads of 18ct white gold, which gives the ring a traditional look. bespoke pear shaped diamond engagement ring If you have old stones, whether there diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds you don’t wear anymore, why not restyle them into a new piece of fine jewellery. At Steven Stone we, have the ability to create any design of jewellery, from intricate detailed design to simple, elegant designs, so why not create your own unique, bespoke piece now. bespoke pear shaped diamond engagement ring