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Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring With Diamond Set Shoulders

This stunning marquise cut diamond engagement ring is one of our latest creations at Steven Stone. Once we sourced the diamonds, we cast the whole ring design into platinum – a perfect hard wearing metal for engagement ring use. marquise diamond engagement ring with diamond set shoulders The ring is set with a striking 1.00ct marquise cut diamond, which is colour graded F, and clarity graded VS1 – meaning its near colourless and only very slightly included with any internal or external marks and blemishes. The diamond is also independently certificated by GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) – The most reputable diamond grading laboratory. To add to the sparkle of the centre stone, the shoulders are pavé set with beautiful round brilliant cut diamonds half way around the band. marquise diamond engagement ring with diamond set shoulders There are two great advantages about the style of this ring – 1. The band will fit perfectly against standard wedding ring shapes with no gaps in between, and 2. The long shape of the stone will elongate smaller fingers. marquise diamond engagement ring with diamond set shoulders Marquise cut diamonds are a modified version of the popular round brilliant cut, but shaped into a narrow boat like shape with pointed corners. It’s more recently that marquise cut diamonds have become a popular choice for engagement rings. When cut from the rough, the marquise cut is created with 58 facets divided between the pavilion, crown and the culet. marquise cut diamond engagement ring 6 If you like elegant diamonds, but want something a little different from popular diamond shapes like round brilliant and princess cut, a marquise diamond engagement ring might just be for you.

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