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The Dazzling Radiant Cut Diamond

In today’s post were going to look at the wonderful radiant cut diamond and why it looks great set in engagement rings and other diamond set jewellery. radiant cut diamond If you love the fire and brilliance of the round brilliant cut diamond and the rectangular shape of the classic emerald cut diamond, you will defiantly be a big fan of the radiant cut diamond. Unlike any other square or rectangle shape stones, the radiant cut has been uniquely designed for giving maximum brilliance and sparkle. Even though the stone is not a traditional choice for engagement rings, they are popular and look great set singular or accented with others stones. We always recommend the following minimum grades to get the best result out of the diamond. To make sure the diamond is graded, exactly what it says its graded, only buy stones that have been independently certificated, by a reputable diamond grading laboratory – like GIA. Cut – Very good Clarity – VS2 Colour – G

radiant cut diamond engagement ring

A stunning radiant cut diamond set in a diamond shoulder set engagement ring

One point to keep in mind when buying a radiant cut is that its more forgiving of any flaws in the stone, due to its brilliant cut. You also need to be sure of the stones length to width ration. Although there are no rules for the ration, it’s important to make sure the stone is rectangular.

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