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Stunning Cut Down Set Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamond wedding rings have recently become a popular choice for many brides to be. The most popular are rings set with round brilliant cut or princes cut diamonds in either white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. cut down set diamond wedding ring The cut down setting is an alternative way to set the diamonds without using any beads of metal. This style of setting is usually used on a slim band of metal that usually fits the size of the diamonds. What we love most about the style is how you can see the diamonds at the side, which also allows more light to the stone – resulting in more brilliance and sparkle. cut down set diamond wedding ring As you can see with this recent cut down set wedding ring, the diamond set half way around the band are secured by prongs created from the shank. Unlike channel or pavé settings there is no visible strip of metal either side of the stones. If you like the style of this elegant setting or want something similar, see our bespoke jewellery collection or check out our online collection of diamond set wedding rings.

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