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A Bespoke Two Stone Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

Check out this new, absolutely stunning bespoke diamond ring we have recently made for a customer – set with two pear shaped diamonds in an infinity loop. The ring was commissioned for a customer who found us via our bespoke jewellery service. Although it’s not your traditional style, the customer designed the ring himself as an engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend with. two pear shaped diamond ring The two pear shaped diamonds are set next to each other on the shank of the band in a platinum setting. Uniquely the diamonds are set within the design of the infinity sign – which has recently become popular to wear in jewellery. The symbol signifies time looping back and endlessly over itself, which is perfect for the promise of marriage. two pear shaped diamond ring Both pear shaped diamonds are GIA certificated and weigh around 0.60cts each. The stones also match in colour and clarity – both with D, IF grades meaning that the stone is completely colourless and internally flawless. two pear shaped diamond ring two pear shaped diamond ring

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