When we talk of diamond colour grades, the stone is graded highest by the absence of colour. As all our stones are graded by GIA’s D-to-Z diamond colour grading system, you’re sure to get the quality you’ve selected and paid for.

diamond shapes

Diamond Colour Grading Scale

As we specialize in selling fine diamond jewellery at Steven Stone we sell diamonds graded from D to J. The diagram below shows the different colour grades and their slightly yellow tint as the grades go down.

diamond colour diagram

White Diamond Colour Grades

D, E & F – These are the rarest and most expensive diamonds due to their complete colourless appearance. Within these grades the diamond looks colourless face-down and face-up. G & H – These diamonds are near colourless and still an extremely desirable and slightly more affordable colour grade. The diamonds may have a slight tint of yellow face down update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = only to be seen through a jeweller’s 10x loupe) I & J – These diamonds have a slight yellow tint, which may be a little more noticeable. So to make it simple the closer to D you go, the more expensive and rare the diamond will be. There is no real different to the naked eye with D, E, F, G and H colour grades, whereas I and J may have very slightly, noticeable hints of yellow colour.