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A Stunning Three Stone Diamond Ring Remodel

One of our favourite types of diamond and engagement ring styles at Steven Stone is the beautiful three stone. This design basically involves three diamonds of any shape and size set in a row on a band of precious metal. three stone round diamond engagement ring In particular this stunning piece is set with three dazzling round brilliant cut diamonds, which are all elegantly held in place with traditional 18ct white gold claws. The centre round diamond is slightly larger than the two side stones adding to the elegance of the final piece. three stone round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring We created the ring for a customer, who selected the design from our online collection of engagement ring settings at our workshop in Manchester. The flat shaped band and claw setting have both been made in 18ct white gold. three stone round brilliant cut diamond ring If you like this style or want a similar three stone diamond engagement ring check out our styles. three stone round brilliant cut diamond ring

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