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A Matching Pear Shaped Diamond Ring ad Pendant

A few weeks ago we finished creating this stunning, matching pear shaped diamond ring and pendant, with a vintage style halo design. pear shaped halo diamond pendant pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring 26480 Both pieces are set with stunning pear shaped diamonds, which feature a boarder of small round brilliant cut diamonds pavé set around the outside of the stone. The pear shaped diamonds are both set in 18ct white gold claw settings, which beautifully adds to the elegance of the piece.

About Pear Shaped Diamonds

The pear shaped diamond is basically a modified version of the popular round brilliant cut diamond. The shape is like a tear drop with a curved edge and a tapered edge with a pointed corner. When it comes to quality, the pear shaped should boast excellent or very good symmetry – meaning that the point should line up to the centre of the curved edge. The perfect length to width for the stone is between 1.40 to 1.70, depending on your own personal preference. One thing to keep in mind is the bow-tie effect, where the stone might posses a dark line at the centre – this can only be reviewed with actual visual inspection. If you like this style or want something similar, check out our designs online or create something with our bespoke jewellery service.

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