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A Halo Diamond Ring we Have Recently Created

A few months ago, due to popular demand we updated our online engagement ring collection with a range of vintage style halo diamond engagement ring settings. The style has become a much sought after look for brides-to-be, especially for those who want that glamorous red carped diamond look. The setting is simply a solitaire diamond ring with a circle of smaller diamonds micro pavé ser around the centre stone and sometimes on the shoulders. The style pretty much suits all diamond cuts and shapes, but we think the best diamonds for the halo setting are round brilliant cuts, cushion cuts, princess cuts, emerald cuts and pear shaped diamonds.

A Halo Diamond Ring we Have Recently Created

This stunning ring is a customised version of the >round brilliant cut diamond halo engagement ring. The customer wanted the same ring style but without the diamonds set on the shoulders, which we think works well. We crafted the shank and setting for the ring in 18ct white gold. The shoulders taper inwards towards the centre stone to give the ring an elegant and dainty look. The ring has a vintage appeal with the smaller diamonds pavé set around the centre stone which is beautifully held in a traditional bezel with 4-claws.

halo diamond engagemen ring

halo engagement rings

halo ring setting

Another great point about the halo style is its ability to enhance the size of a smaller centre stone by almost a half a carat. If you don’t have the finances for a one carat diamond the pavé set stones set around a smaller stone is a great option.

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