118 Carat Diamond Expected to Fetch $35M at Auction

A Flawless 118 carat diamond the size of an egg is set to make history at Sotheby’s Hong Knog auction house, expecting to reach $28 to $35 million. This remarkable diamond has been described as a ‘honker’ and is the biggest perfect white stone of its kind. The diamond has the highest clear colour grade, D and is completely flawless. rare 118 carat diamond The stone was mined in 2011 in a South African mine and will hit the auction house on the 7th of October. However if you want to see the stone before the lucky bidder becomes the new owner, the anonymous owner of the stone has allowed it to go on display at Sotheby’s from Wednesday. rare 118 carat diamond As well as this rare gem the auction will show case a selection of other rare jewels, including a flawless blue 7.6 carat diamond, which is expected to reach “19 million at auction and a vivid fancy blue 7.59 carat diamond.