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New Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Design

One of our favourite styles of engagement ring is a classic three stone diamond ring, so heres one we have recently created for a customer that shows how beautiful this style is. three stone engagement ring What’s great about this ring is the mix of metals. The band is made in 18ct yellow gold giving the ring a traditional look and the head where the three dazzling diamonds sit is made in 18ct white gold to bring out the whiteness of the diamond. The setting is one of our favourite aspects of this ring due to its eye catching twist style. three stone diamond engagement ring The three beautiful diamonds have been skilfully matched for colour, quality and cut proportions adding to the beauty of this ring. The centre diamond is slightly larger than the two side diamonds creating a tapered diamond look. From the side image of the ring, you will see how the white gold prongs have been designed to twist and intertwined together to create this striking setting. three stone diamond ring A three stone engagement ring also has a romantic meaning, as the stones on the ring represent the past, the present and the future of your relationship – with the centre stone always being the present meaning. The past diamond shows the beginning of your relationship and the lead up to the proposal of the second diamond to add more sparkle to how it is now and the third diamond for the relationship will continue to last in the promises you make to each other. three stone engagement ring

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