Three Steps To the Perfect Engagement Ring

In just three easy steps, you have the option to create your own diamond engagement ring on our website. Designing your own ring allows you to select a setting style and diamond that suits your taste and budget – creating a unique ring with that added personal touch. create an engagement ring in three steps

The Three Steps..

Firstly we give you the option to browse through many of our unique engagement ring styles from solitaires, diamond set shoulders, side diamonds, and three stone settings. Once you know the style of setting you want for the ring the next step is to choose the metal you want – platiunm? rose gold? white gold? Or yellow gold? The final and probadly biggest decision is to select the diamond, or even diamonds. Understanding diamonds can be made simpler, if you do your research. With our diamond search tool available on the engagement ring products pages you can select the carat weight, clarity grade, colour grade and cut grade of the diamond – know as the four Cs.

The Four Cs Definition

Carat Weight – refers to the weight of the diamond. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams and subdivided into 100 points – so a half carat diamond is equivalent to 0.50 points. Colour – white diamonds are graded higher by their lack of colour. The highest, colourless diamond grade is D, which goes all the way down to Z where diamonds will have a light yellow tint. We provide two classifications – diamonds graded D – F are classified as colourless and G too J are near colourless. Cut – the cut determines how much light gets through to the diamond. An excellent cut diamond allows maximum light and will have ultimate brilliance. Clarity – Refers to the amount of marks or blemishes the diamond has both internally and externally.