Yellow Diamond Jewels at Steven Stone

Yellow diamonds have always been a popular choice to wear set in jewellery – whether it’s an engagement ring, diamond pendant, matching pair of diamond earrings, or a dazzling diamond bracelet you can’t go wrong with this stone colour. Coloured fancy diamonds have become popular in recent years, especially yellow, pink, orange and blue. We especially love yellow diamonds set together with white diamonds. When yellow diamonds are fancy and untreated they are also rare and very valuable, which oozes out through their beauty. The yellow colour is the result of nitrogen atoms being present when the diamond is formed deep under the earth’s surface. Like white diamonds they are graded by the four Cs diamond grading process – cut, colour, carat weight and clarity. Paler yellow diamonds, like canary yellow, are a lot more common and affordable. Whereas intense fancy yellow diamonds are the most rarest of the yellow diamonds. The increase in interest for yellow diamonds is down to a number of things – celebs, the famous Tiffany yellow diamond weighing 287.42cts, the need for colour, their beauty and other reasons. Here are some yellow diamond jewels we have available on our site that will have you glowing. yellow diamond ring

yellow diamond ring