An Elegant Sapphire and Diamond Ring

If you’re a fan of Sapphires and Diamonds, you will love this stylish ring we have created for a customer from our online jewellery collection. sapphire and diamond ring The ring is set with a striking blue Sapphire in the centre which has a beautiful brilliant cut. To add some sparkle to the ring, the shoulders feature pavé set small round brilliant cut diamonds set half way around the band. The shoulders also taper inwards towards the centre stone drawing more attention to its beautiful blue colour. The round Sapphire is secured in a classic 4-claw setting made in 18ct white gold. sapphire and diamond ring

All About Sapphires

Blue Sapphires are very desirable gemstones, which are the second hardest after diamonds. The gem is most loved for its hardness, luster, durability and colour. Deep blue Sapphires like these have always been popular set in different types of jewellery, but other colours like yellow, pink, orange and green have become popular too. When selecting a Sapphire, they are rated mostly for their durability and colour. The ratings are Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor – similar to that of a diamond. The majority of stones are mined in countries like Sir Lanka, America, China and South Africa. If you like this ring style or want something similar – maybe with a different gem stone or different metal colour check out our online collection of coloured stone and diamond rings.