A Perfect Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

We recently made this stunning three stone engagement ring featuring a beautiful round brillliant cut diamond and two pear-shaped dimonds. three stone diamond engagement ring The three diamonds are claw set in platinum and mounted on a classic Wedfit band. The Wedfit mount enables the ring to fit perfectly against standard wedding ring shapes with no gaps in between. This style of mount is associated with expensive engagement ring designs, as it gives a ring a beautiful co-ordinated look. three stone diamond engagement ring The centre round brilliant cut diamond on this ring weight 0.44cts, has a colour grate D and a clarity grade SI1. A three stone engagement ring has significant meaning in the world of diamonds. The three diamonds represent the past, the present and the future. Whether you buy a three diamond ring as an engagement ring, special gift or anniversary present the sentiment and meaning will symbolise a everlasting relationship with each other. three diamond engagement ring