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Modern Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring Style

A few weeks ago we finished making this contemporary style diamond and Sapphire dress ring for one of our customers. diamond and sapphire bezel engagement ring The striking ring style is ideal for those who love the dazzle of a brilliant cut diamond and the sophistication of a glorious blue Sapphire. The shoulders are channel set with beautiful square shaped blue sapphires. diamond and sapphire bezel engagement ring The ring features a stunning round brilliant cut diamond in the centre which is GIA certificated. The diamond weighs 0.44 carats – just under half a carat, is colour graded D – the highest, completely white colour grade and has a clarity grade of VVS1. diamond and sapphire bezel engagement ring Sapphires are one of our favourite precious gem stones at Steven Stone. The stone itself is the second hardest to diamonds and is a mixture of corundum and aluminium oxide minerals. The stones are mainly found in Easter Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Madagascar, East Africa and North America. The way blue Sapphires work with colour is through three components – hue, saturation and tone. Hue refers to the blue colour, saturation to the brightness and vividness of the stone and the tone refers to the lightness to darkness scale of the gem. diamond and sapphire bezel engagement ring If you like this style, or want something similar check out our online bespoke jewellery service.

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