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Check Out the World’s Most Expensive Diamond Necklace

The centre piece of this flamboyant diamond necklace was discovered 30 years ago by an African girl and now it’s on sale for £37 million. yellow diamond necklace Known as the L’lncomparable, the flawless huge yellow diamond weighs more than 407 carats and is now set in an absolutely stunning diamond necklace. The diamond is that precious that only serious potential buyers will get a chance to try it on. The diamond has a fascinating story behind if after it was discovered in the 1980’s by a young girl in Africa as she played in a pile of rubble in Mbuji Mai. The rubble was apparently rejected by the MIBA Diamond Mine after the workers who assessed the rough stone decided it was too bulky to be worth scanning for diamonds. rare yellow diamond Since its discovery the diamond has continued to grow in value and was even on display at the Natural History wing of Washington’s Smithsonian Institute. The diamond is now set on this stunning necklace that features nearly 230 carats of white diamonds, including 35 round brilliant cut diamonds, 27 pear-shaped diamonds, 9 heart-shaped diamonds, 5 emerald cut diamonds, 5 cushion cut diamonds and four oval diamonds. With all these extravagant gems, Guinness names it ‘the world’s most valuable necklace in 2013’.

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