You might think the title of this post is impossible, but think again. We’ve put together a brief guide to buying a diamond to fit within your own personal budget. Whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring, diamond pendant, pair or diamond earrings or simply just looking to buy a diamond to be set in an existing piece of jewellery, take a look at our guide in this post. 1. Slight inclusions are only visible through 10x magnification. Diamond graded SI1 or SI2 can literally save you thousands. So unless you can afford flawless, a lower clarity grade will make all the difference.

diamond clarity diagram

Diamond Clarity Grades

2. Carat Weight can be less than 1-carat. We all know a desirable diamond is a 1-carat rock, but fear not as most diamonds for engagement rings are points of a carat. So instead of a 1-carat you could buy a 0.80 point of a carat diamond, which is often very similar but will save you money. 3. Diamonds with a near colourless grade are a money saving option. Diamonds with a colour grade G-J aren’t all that different from higher grades in the D to F zone when viewed with the naked eye. The price tag will be significantly different and might just be more accessible to you.
diamond colour diagram

White Diamond Colour Grades

4. Buy online and save ££££. With the over heads of high street jewellers online is always cheaper.