Diamonds and Pearls – A Timeless Style

Diamonds and pearls are jewels every girl should have, there’ glamorous, timeless, stylish and will pretty much go with any look. Over the years big female icons have shown us just how stylish and classic the jewels can be. The best way to wear pearls and diamonds is to keep it simple. Often a solitaire diamond setting pendant and earrings or a simple string of pearls beautifully placed around your neck or wrist can instantly glamorise any look. However if you are looking for something a little more adventurous mixing diamonds and pearls together on one piece could be the answer. Mixed together they make equally stunning costume jewellery pieces, which you will clearly see below. These two pearl and diamond mixed pieces are some of our favourites at Steven Stone, that are perfect for bridal wear and fashion/costume jewellery. pearl and diamond pendant The first piece is this absolutely stunning diamond and pearl pendant, beautifully featuring a pearl set at the centre of the design and surrounded by a border of small round brilliant cut diamonds. To add to the quality we have skilfully made the pendant setting in 18ct white gold. pearl and diamond earrings To match the pendant are these gorgeous pearl and diamond earrings which look great when worn together with the pendant.