Which One Do you Prefer…. Sapphires or Rubies??

Sapphires and Rubies are equally as beautiful gem stones with their rich glowing colour and beautiful shapes – but which one do you prefer?


Sapphires are usually blue stones, but do also come in a range of other colours. Some of the first gems to be cut and polished for jewellery were Sapphires, which are the second hardest precious gem stone after diamonds. They are mainly mined in Australia, Malawi, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. If a Sapphire is Royal blue it will be a lot more highly priced and valuable. For every day wear in earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings they are extremely durable and hard wearing. Like diamonds they are graded by the 4Cs – colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. Here is a Sapphire and Diamond ring we have created from our range of jewellery at Steven Stone. The ring features an oval shaped Sapphire which is flanked by two dazzling diamonds. sapphire and diamond ring


Rubies are very similar to Sapphires and come in a rich contrast of red tones from dark red to a pinkish red. Rubies are also extremely strong and only slightly softer than diamonds. Ruby is named after the Latin word “ruber” for red. Rubies have a strong association with the royals as they have been an integral part of some of the most famous royal jewels. The precious gem is also graded by the 4Cs, and is graded highest for the stronger and darker red colour the stone is. ruby and diamond ring