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What Are Channel Set Diamond Engagement Rings?

If you’re looking at different styles of engagement rings, you may have come across the channel setting, where smaller diamonds are set on the shoulders of the band. The style gives off a classy, sophisticated look which is versatile with different gem stones and adds a touch of sparkle.

What is a Channel Setting

A channel set engagement ring is basically a solitaire diamond ring with diamonds set on the shoulders. The diamonds are set in a row between a gold or platinum band and secured by grooves on both walls in between the strips of metal. This style of setting started in the early 90s and has since become a popular setting for engagement rings, diamond wedding rings and eternity rings. The style is great for those who love thicker, bulkier diamond jewellery with a modern edge.

Types of Channel Settings

The most popular diamond used in channel settings has to be the round brilliant cut, which makes the strips of metal appear triangular. Smaller diamonds give off an elegant, classic look, while larger diamonds make the ring look more contemporary and glamorous. channel set diamond engagement ring Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular choice for channel settings. There square shape shows no gaps in between so the stones look like one long continuous row of diamonds. channel set shoulders diamond engagement ring

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