Will this Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Reach its $3.5M Estimate?

On December 11th Sotheby’s New York has announced another Magnificent jewels auction, and the top lot is this remarkable 51.75-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond. yellow diamond The diamond is graded VS1 for its clarity, which is the second highest after internally flawless, like a princess cut diamond the stone is square shaped with cut corners and has a vibrant brilliant cut. The stone has high expectations with an estimated sale price of $2.5 million to $3.5 million. Stunning fancy yellow diamonds like this, which are often known as canary diamonds still continue to be one of the most popular diamond colours for all jewellery types and even for a unique engagement ring you will cherish forever. In fact the yellow diamond is the fifth rarest coloured diamond after orange, pink, red and green. If you’re a fan of the yellow diamond and want special diamond dress ring or engagement ring set with a yellow stone – this style is one of our best sellers that looks absolutely stunning set with white diamonds.

yellow diamond engagement ring