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Diamond Earrings – Which is your favourite pair??

Diamond earrings, in particular diamond stud earrings always look effortlessly stunning and make the perfect diamond accessory. Although a lot of designs are very similar it’s normally all about the diamond and shape you select for the earring setting. The most popular diamond shapes for earrings are round brilliant cut diamonds and princess cut diamond earrings. Which is your favourite diamond earring setting – Claw or Rub Over??

Claw Set Diamond Stud Earrings

This is by far the most classic style of diamond setting where the diamond is set is metal prongs. The amount of claws/prongs depends of the shape of the diamond. princess cut diamond stud earrings

Rub Over Diamond Earrings

This is a modern style of setting diamonds where the metal securing the diamond is arched around the entire shape of the stone. round brilliant cut diamond stud earrings

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