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Beautiful, Beautiful Pear Shaped Diamond Earrings

One of our favourite diamond shapes and cuts at Steven Stone is the stunning pear shaped diamond. Shaped like a rain drop and dazzling like a round brilliant cut diamond, the stone is truly striking. pear shaped diamond stud earrings Pear-shaped diamonds combine a round brilliant cut diamond with a marquise diamond due to one side being curved and the other side being pointed. Its fiery cut makes the stone stand out and its elegant lines lend a sophisticated appeal. If you like these earrings, we recommend that you purchase the best diamonds you can. The stone is prone to the bow-tie effect which is a black mark at the centre which mainly occurs to the light reflection of the stone which is down to the way its cut. pear shaped diamond earrings Our minimum recommendations for the diamond are as follows;

  • Cut – Good
  • Colour – G
  • Clarity – SI1
  • Length/Width Ratio – 1.45 to 1.70

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