Our Favourite Engagement Ring Setting Styles

After the diamond, the engagement ring setting is by far the second most important decision in the buying process. The setting is where the diamond sits and the main part of the ring that will show case the stones beauty and shape – so it’s important to get it right. Below are some of our favourite solitaire diamond settings for engagement rings at Steven Stone that feature two styles of setting a stone. The first is a classic claw setting where the stone is secured in prongs that grip it and the second style is a modern rub over setting where the stone is secured with a rim of metal that is arched around the whole of the stone.

A Classic 4-Claw Setting

4 claw engagement ring setting If you like the traditional, classic look of an engagement ring an elegant 4-claw setting like this is perfect.

6-Claw Setting

6 claw engagement ring setting If you want to add a bit more shape to your setting additional claws make the stone look different but still have that touch of elegance.

A Modern Rub-Over Setting

rub over engagement ring setting This style is perfect for those that lead an active, busy life style as the stone is completely secured.

A Twist Claw Setting

twist claw engagement ring setting If you’re a fan of the classic 4-claw setting, a twist setting is similar but the claws are positioned at north, east, south, west angles.