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Six of the Most Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

When it comes to engagement rings the diamond shape is possibly the most important aspect. So in today’s post we’re going to look at six of the most popular diamond shaped used in engagement rings today. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds round brilliant cut diamond shape The round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular and traditional choice for engagement rings, on average it sells more than 80% compared to other shapes. The round diamond has 58 facets divided among the crown, girdle and pavilion of the stone. For this diamond shape the main aim is to have ultimate brilliance and sparkle so always opt for a very well cut stone. Princess Cut Diamond princess cut diamond engagement ring shape The second most popular shape is the square princess cut diamond. Like the round brilliant cut, this stone is a fancy cut diamond that has a beautiful fiery brilliance. Most people opt for this stone as they like its square or rectangle shape. Pear Shaped Diamond pear diamond engagement ring shape This is an extremely elegant shape, which has always been popular for engagement ring use. The shape resembles a tear drop or a rain drop with its curved top and pointed bottom. As the shape is quite long, it has the effect of elongating smaller fingers. Marquise Cut Diamond marquise diamond engagement ring shape Like the pear shape, the length of this diamond can also help to make short fingers look longer. The shape is like a rugby ball with its pointed corners. With this diamond cut is very important as the stone needs precision for ultimate brilliance. If the diamond isn’t well cut, dark areas may appear across the stone, restricting its sparkle. Oval Cut Diamond oval diamond engagement ring shape The oval diamond is a beautiful shape that relies on having perfect balance and brilliance. The cut of the stone is similar to the round brilliant cut, but is slightly longer in shape. The diamonds cut is also renowned for the way it sparkles and reflects light well. Emerald Cut Diamond emerald diamond engagement ring shape The emerald cut diamond is perfect if you like the look of vintage style rings. The cut is also known as the ‘step cut’ as it resembles stair steps when viewed from above. The shape of the stone is rectangular with cut corners.

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