A Look Back at Wedding Ring Trends in 2013

Happy New Years Eve!! Check out some of the latest wedding ring trends this year and be inspired. wedding ring trends

Shaped to Fit Wedding Rings

So far in 2013 the wedding ring trend seems to be all about the perfect fit to match the shape and style of your engagement ring. Whether set with diamonds, plain, white, rose or yellow gold, shaped wedding rings are a popular choice. With modern technology the shape of the engagement ring can be scanned into a 3D computer model, to get the exact measurements, so that the rings sit perfectly against each other with no gaps in between.

Yellow and Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Another trend we have seen emerging this year is the demand for yellow and rose gold wedding rings. Traditionally white gold and platinum has always been the number one choice. Rose gold has defiantly seen an increase over the last few years, especially now it’s seen in a lot of fine jewellery designs and spotted on A-list celebs – it’s even popular for men’s watches.

Diamond Set Wedding Rings

Rings set with diamonds have been especially popular so far this year. The most popular diamond cuts for wedding rings are round brilliant, princess, emerald and baguette. Most brides to be also opt for diamonds set just half way around the wedding band.


Another trend, for the romantics is to personalise their wedding band. This can either be with a special message, initials or a unique word engraved on the inside, or even with a meaningful gem stone set somewhere on the band.