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Engagement Ring Trends – Rose Gold is back….

In recent months, we’ve experienced an increase in the desire for engagement rings made in rose gold – which has certainly been brewing for some time now. One of the main reasons for this is changes in fashion and the fact that the metal colour is stunning and elegant. The pinkie colour of rose gold comes from alloys of copper which is mixed with gold and a small amount of silver. Rose gold diamond engagement ring with diamond shoulders There are many reasons why the metal colour is so popular for engagement rings and why many brides to be are continuously choosing it. But here are some of the reasons our customers say they like the metal; Rose gold vintage diamond engagement ring

Reasons Why Rose Gold Engagement Rings are Popular

  1. It’s different – the colour of the metal, especially set with a diamond showcases a more unique look, which you don’t see a lot for engagement rings.
  2. Looks good mixed with other metal colours – if the metal colour is mixed with white gold or yellow gold either in an engagement ring design or set against a wedding ring it works so well and creates a stylish look.
  3. Vintage styles look perfect – if you opt for a vintage style like a halo diamond ring design or set the ring with a vintage diamond, rose gold adds that extra antique look.
  4. Has the most feminine beauty – this is mainly due to its beautiful pink/gold tone which creates a very girly look.

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