Two Stunning Diamond Dress Rings on Sale at Steven Stone

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Two Diamond Dress Rings you will Love..

In today’s post we want to share with you two styles of diamond dress rings we think you will simply love. These styles feature a stretched ring design that allows the band to fit more comfortably on the finger. Although the two styles of ring look very similar the designs and diamond settings are slightly different. One ring features diamonds set in a star shape around the shape of the band and the other features diamonds set in a small circle shape around the band. The diamond set shapes are looped together with links that are attached to the top and the bottom of the band – giving the ring a bulky, modern look. Both rings have been beautifully crafted in 18ct white gold and are on offer for nearly 50% off their original sale price. Diamond dress ring star Diamond dress ring circle If you’re interested in these two fashionable styles of modern white gold dress rings, check them out on are sales page or contact us for more information.