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Different Two Row Diamond Ring Styles

Diamond row rings have always been a popular choice for both dress rings and wedding ring; in today’s post we’re sharing some of our favourite styles of double row diamond cluster rings. The style of the ring basically features two rows of diamonds set against each other on a thick band of metal.

Rub Over Set Diamond Row Ring

Diamond row ring rub This style features a modern design where the diamonds are set in rub over bezel settings. Although the round brilliant cut diamonds are different sizes and set in multiple positions the effect creates a modern look.

Row ring with Metal Bar

Diamond row ring matte This is one of our favourite styles with the two rows of diamonds set in between a strip of matte finished metal.

Two Row Channel Set

Diamond row ring channel Again this is a modern style of setting a diamond row ring, where the princess cut diamonds appear to be set in one continuous row with no metal in between.

Pavé Set Diamond Cluster

Diamond row ring pavé This ring has more of a vintage style with the two rows of diamonds set in small beads of metal. If you’re interested in any of these styles get in touch with our team at Steven Stone.

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